Company Profile

Miroiterie Soufan SARL, a Lebanese company established in 1943, is a family-owned business with a well-rooted presence in the Lebanese decorative arts market of glass and mirrors.

Over the course of the past 77 years, Miroiterie Soufan, through its passionate commitment to the family values, business ethics, personalized customer relationships, and high standards of excellence, has weathered storms and prospered in its domain.

The solution-oriented company has gradually expanded its services from the traditional artisanal and custom-made handcrafts to the modern and innovative services based on the most advanced industrial techniques.

Miroiterie Soufan differentiated itself from its market peers by opting for a client-centered approach and became one of the country’s leading companies serving the niche-market of prime architects, interior designers, and customers who are keen on excellence and outstanding quality service.

The well-known company’s brand, stems from the dedication of its unique team of architects, engineers and loyal specialists with skills passed down through generations.


Partners and Managing Directors

  • Tanios Habib Soufan
  • Elias Habib Soufan
Our Vision
Our Vision is to be leaders in crafting excellence.
Our Mission
Our Mission is to extend our family business by leaving a lasting legacy of customers’ trust built over the past two generations.
Our Purpose
Our Purpose is to fulfill our customers’ needs by offering made-to-measure solutions in the creative world of glass and mirrors. We strive to provide functionality, safety and aesthetically-pleasing settings, thus contributing to our customers’ wellbeing.
Our Values

Professional Duties (Excellence, Precision, Safety and Innovation)
Ethical Values (Honesty, Integrity and Trust)
Human Values (Customer attention, long-term relationship, Aesthetics)